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David Wexler Israel Tours

Passionate Educator With A Heart

Shalom! I’m David Wexler.

Israel for me is the place I call home. It’s the striking contrast between the ancient past of this holy land and the vibrant present of the “Start-Up Nation” that really energizes me. Israel is a country of seeming contradictions. I’d love to help you make sense of it all.

I’ve been working with visitors, like you, since 2011. Guiding tourists is more than a passion for me. I’ve been told it’s my calling.

I guide a wide range of groups and individuals - everything from multiday large group tours, church groups, cultural tours for the intellectually curious, Jewish family tours and more.

My own journey in Israel began at the age of 17. I was born and raised in the United States in a typical Jewish family. As a teenager, I visited the country for the first time on a six-week group tour.


I remember our guide telling our group, “If even one of you [there were 30 teens in the group] were to decide to come ‘home’ to live in Israel, I’ll have accomplished my goal.” Well, decades later, as a licensed tour guide myself in Israel, I wish I could track down that fellow and thank him.

Guiding for me is a second career. In an earlier chapter of my life, I was employed in various marketing roles in Israeli start-up companies in the high-tech sector.

I’m a TripAdvisor ‘Destination Expert’ for Israel.

David Wexler Tripadvisor
David Wexler Israel Tours

I have a bachelor’s degree from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and a Master’s degree from Boston University. But, for me, the licensing course required by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism was far more challenging and satisfying than both of my academic degrees combined.

I’m an “American Israeli.” Fully American. But, also, fully Israeli. I have served my country proudly in the Israel Defense Forces. I speak Hebrew fluently and English without a funny accent ;-) A big advantage you’ll have in working with me is that I can help you bridge the cultural gap between your own life experience back home and the reality of the Israel you’ll encounter.

I live in Tel Aviv where I enjoy ‘chilling out’ by the beach, but my greatest love is for the Holy City of Jerusalem where I spend so much of my time.

History. Archaeology. Comparative religions. The Bible. Geo-politics. If any of these interests you, we’ll be a great match. They’re the topics that most excite me. I’m a tour educator – with a smile  :-) 

If you want to learn about Israel’s past and present in a fun and engaging way, we should talk. I look forward to hearing from you.

David Wexler Israel Tours
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