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Cultural Tours

Israel Cultural Tours

Are you interested in a broader scope for exploring the reality of the Land of Israel, both ancient and modern? I’ll work with you to design an itinerary that will provide a balanced and objective view of Israel.

We’ll touch upon all three of the great monotheistic religions and how they’ve influenced our country and the world at large.

Within its tiny borders, Israel is blessed with many UNESCO World Heritage Sites – we’ll be sure to visit some of them.

We’ll explore archaeological sites mentioned in the Bible in order to try and reconstruct the culture and history of this ancient land.

We won’t shy away from Middle East politics on your tour. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Israel’s place in the wider region as well.

If you wish, we can visit communities which represent the ethnic minorities of Israel. And if great food turns  you on, perhaps, even enjoy a cooking workshop and home hospitality with a local Arab or Druze family.

A few of the sites that might intrigue you include:

  • Tel Aviv – the ‘capital of Mediterranean cool’

  • Old Akko (Acre) – UNESCO World Heritage Site and best preserved Crusader city in the world

  • Zippori – a Roman period city in Galilee known for its magnificent mosaic floors

  • Tel Dan – a nature reserve on Israel’s northern border with profoundly significant biblical archaeological remains

  • Beit Shean – the largest Roman period ruins in Israel

  • Israel Museum – one of the world’s great museums

  • City of David – an archaeological site that sheds light on the earliest origins of Jerusalem

  • Temple Mount / Haram al-Sharif – a holy site venerated by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike where we find the Dome of the Rock

  • Masada – the most visited national park in Israel and another UNESCO site

  • Avdat – an archaeological site in the Negev Desert and the most impressive of the cities of the Nabatean culture in Israel

  • Petra extension – This was the Nabateans' capital. It’s a site in modern day Jordan considered a wonder of the ancient world. I can easily arrange for an extension for you in Jordan to experience this site.

Israel Cultural Tours
Israel Cultural Tours
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