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Returning to your Jewish roots in ancient Galilee through a family-friendly hands-on experience

Touring in Israel can be both fun and educational for families with young children. If you’re planning a Jewish heritage tour for your young family, consider a visit to “Kfar Kedem” – a recreated Jewish village in Galilee from the period of the Mishna and the Talmud.

In the heart of Lower Galilee in Israel’s northern region, families with kids go back in time to discover the culture and lifestyle of our ancestors, through a series of hands-on (and sometimes delicious) activities.

Activities may vary with each visit, but typically include:

  • “Wheat to bread” – experiencing the process our ancestors used for the threshing of wheat, grinding wheat to flour and baking delicious fresh pita bread.

  • Milking goats and producing cheese.

  • Shearing sheep and spinning their wool.

  • Riding donkeys – an animal used to carry burdens and pull the plow in ancient times.

Sometimes our visit will conclude with a delicious “taste of Galilee” meal the entire family will enjoy.


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