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Things to Consider Before Our First Conversation

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Before you reach out to me, it’s best if you do a bit of your own ‘homework’ to make that first interaction with me all the more efficient. Here are some questions you should consider before we speak.

  1. Dates of travel – Have you already booked your flights to Israel? Do you have fixed dates for your trip? How much, if any, flexibility do you have in your dates?

  2. Number of participants – How many persons will be touring together in your group? Will any children be among the participants? If so, what are their ages?

  3. Has anyone in your group been to Israel before? If so, when?

  4. Does anyone in your group have mobility challenges?

  5. Religion – Do the members of your group share a particular religious point of view that should influence your itinerary? Are there multiple religious points of view among your group members or multiple religious heritages? Should religion influence the itinerary at all or do you seek an entirely secular orientation for your tour?

  6. For many who visit Israel, Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath) can be a particularly moving experience. Is it important to you, for instance, that we plan for you to be in Jerusalem over Shabbat?

  7. Engaging children – If you are planning for a multi-generational family tour, how much of your objective is to engage with the children? Is your tour all about ensuring the kids are excited? Or is your primary focus on the adults?

  8. Transportation – Are you interested in a driving guide or a dedicated driver? Or are you prepared to rent a car yourself, do the driving and utilize your guide as a passenger seat navigator?

  9. Independent exploration and free days – Would you like to hire a guide for the entire duration of your visit in Israel? Or would you like a guide only on certain days, allowing yourselves free time and/or days for your independent exploration?

  10. Do you have any ‘must see’ sites or ‘must do’ experiences in Israel that wouldn’t be obvious requests?

  11. Accommodations – What standard of accommodations are you interested in? Would you like assistance in making hotel arrangements?

  12. Do you have a specific budget in mind for your land arrangements (excluding flights) in Israel?



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